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Doin' Time / Band Fight
Tihe Incredible Casuals 25th Anniversary
Label: Target Earth
Catalog#: TE-014
Released: August, 2005
Available format: 7" vinyl (45 RPM)
Side A: Doin' Time (Shook)
Rikki Bates - drums
Steve Shook - electric & acoustic guitars
Johnny Spampinato - gutar, vocal
Chandler Travis - bass
Malcolm Granger - keyboards
Produced by Rikki Bates (AKA Vince Valium) & Chandler Travis
Side B: Band Fight (Travis - Greenberger)
Johnny Spampinato - guitar, vocal
Aaron Spade - guitar, vocal
Rikki Bates - drums
Chandler Travis - bass
Produced by Chris Blood and the Incredible Casuals

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