Incredible Casuals.. Discography
Hi There (Inedible Casserole #1)
Released: April, 1983
Available format: cassette

Most of these tapes (unless otherwise specified) were recorded at the Mt Cod Studios (sometimes known as Rob's basement, dining room, and living room - thanks, Boit) on a 4 track TEAC back in 1979 & 80. Vince was the engineer. Here's the rundown:

1. TAKE YOUR TIME (Holly) - This was the legendary Eric Rosenfeld's idea, and that's him playing those snappy leads

2. WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO KNOW (Shook) - live at the Beachcomber, our home bar in Wellfleet, MA

3. POLAR HEAT RAG THERAPY - featuring Vince & Chandler in a run-in with the deadly gas nitrous oxide

4. AL IN ACTION - the great Al Bombo fixes the van (again) in an actual location recording.  You are there!

5. THE IDIOT - Vince & Chandler again with the musical version.

6. SESSION MAN (Davies) - Rosenfeld strikes again in a live tape of the pre-Spampinato Casuals (at that time referred to as the Susan Anton People) wrestling a great old Kinks tune to a draw at the Sun in Eastham.

8. WE ARE FROM FRUITARAMA - a song of joy.  Perhaps we spend too much time together.

7. OOO OOO (Travis) - Steve (always the romantic) renders this one harmless with Eric once again doing his part on lead (Listen especially for very lovely crooning on the fade).

9. IT DON'T REALLY MATTER (Shook) - and you didn't think we could handle 7/4. Vince on vibes.

1. I DON'T NEED (Travis) - another sensitive love song. The band track represents the first encounter of Travis & Shook with Vince Valium - needless to say, The Earth Moved. We just added the vocules last week - the track is from 1977. Chandler on harmonica.

2. SQUIGGLY BANANA - The vocal stylings of Al Bomba live at the Chicken Box on Nantucket: from the time Steve got sick. This one was an instant song, featuring everyone on instruments they're unaccustomed to, as is frequently the case on instant songs. What you do is figure out a title, count off, and presto! - an instant song! This one guest stars Sam from Philadelphia - (Whose last name we should know by now, on guitar (I think)).

3. MONEY WON'T BUY YOU HAPPINESS (Travis) - The original, better, home tape version. Greg Abate from Channel One on sax.

4. RED RED ROBIN (?) - spring is here.

5. FIREMAN BILL'S CALYPSO BREAKDOWN (Spring) - NRBQ's Keith Spring wrote and helped perform this one from the bad old days of T.S. and the Club Wow. Recorded at Clark University, Worcester, MA.

6. SAY GOODBYE (Travis) - goodbye.

7. R.N. (I LOVE A GIRL IN UNIFORM) (Shook) - Steve says it with music.

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