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New Hats For Summer (Inedible Casserole #2)
Released: June, 1983
Available format: cassette

Most of these tapes (unless otherwise specified) were recorded at the Mt Cod Studios (sometimes known as Rob's basement, dining room, and living room - thanks, Boit) on a 4 track TEAC back in 1979 & 80. Vince was the engineer. Here's the rundown:

DON'T LEAVE (Travis) - We use this one frequently to open our live shows - a pessimistic way of saying hello. Features the legendary Eric Rosenfeld on lead guitar.

LET HER DANCE (Fuller) - Thanx and a tip of the new summer hat to famous Boston media personality Eddie Gorodetsky who played us the original Bobby Fuller Four version about a year and a half ago. Recorded at Rhode Island College in February of '83.

SUBURBABILLY ROCK (Hart) - Early Rob Hart Band, circa '77 / '78. Rob on guitar. Chandler on drums.

SERIOUSLY (Travis) - We do two different versions of this live nowadays, both are quite different from this pre-Junior recording featuring Eric Rosenfeld on lead.

SHE MAKES ME FEEL GOOD (Shook) - Curtis Mayfield meets Herman's Hermits - drastic integration courtesy of Steve the accountant.

ONE WORM PART ONE (Valium - Travis) - At last, Chandler plays organ. At least, Vince plays drums

HUSH NOW BABY (Travis) - An excerpt of an outtake (!) from "The Essential Travis, Shook, and the Club Wow" album featuring Tom Staley on drums & Keith Spring on sax.

BE TAN (Travis) - Live tape of practically extinct  comedy duo listed above. recorded at Valley Forge, PA, late 70's

GOTTA HAVE YOU (Spampinato) - Junior belts out his greatest hit somewhere in the boondocks sometime recently.

LET'S GO (Valium - Travis - Hart) - This was the first time "Let's Go" was played, sung, or even thought of - the original (?) Rob Hart Band performance (Rob - bass, Vince - drums, Chandler - guitar).

I GOT TO MOVE (Travis) -  Chandler once again fails to write a whole song without a slow part.

SOON YOU'LL BE GONE (?) - A cover of an old song by the Blues Busters from Jamaica featuring the popular Steve Shook.

SAND IN MY FACE (Spaminato) -  Vince and Junior learn by doing on Vince's brand new TEAC in 1977.  Orginally titled "Leave Me Alone" - includes rare Vince Valium bass playing.

THE GIRAFFE SUITE, PART ONE (Travis) -  Vince & Chandler start a song about real life on 1980 Mt. Cod.

I'VE GOT A CRUSH ON YOU (Pseudo Carol) -  THE EXTREMES! LADIES & GENTLEMEN, THE EXTREMES!!!  Legendary Cape Cod girl group rehearses for Labor Day. Featuring Rachel, Babs, & Renée. THE EXTEMES!!! (And you think they SOUND good!)

BAIN DE SOLEIL (?) - The Susan Anton People, working on their tans under the sun in Eastham. With the levely E. Rosenfeld on lead guitar and fey vocals.

GIRAFFE SUITE PART TWO (Travis) - Years later, Junior & Steve help finish it off, along with Clem on sax.

BOB THERE'S A TELEPHONE CALL FOR YOU IN THE LOBBY (Shook) (excerpt) -  See "Hush Now Baby". Add Terry Adams. Subtract (however reluctantly) Keith Spring. Let stand.

ARE YOU MOD? (Shook) - Well, are you?

AS BURT LANCASTER SAID (Travis) - Chandler solo, working on the meaning of life again.  Also stars Chuk Connors.

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