Incredible Casuals.. Discography
There Goes Five Dollars (Inedible Casserole #3)
Released: August, 1983
Available format: cassette

Most of these tapes (unless otherwise specified) were recorded at the Mt Cod Studios (sometimes known as Rob's basement, dining room, and living room - thanks, Boit) on a 4 track TEAC back in 1979 & 80. Vince was the engineer. Here's the rundown:

C'MON LET'S GO (R. Valens) - from a live radio broadcast on WNCS in Vermont.

TINA (Travis) - live at the famous Wellfleet Beachcomber, 1980 (Steve - bass, Chandler - guitar, Vince - drums)

STILL I CRY (Travis) - Admittedly pretty mandolin.

EL RIFFO (Travis) - Chandler sneaking around with Steve's 12-string guitar, just before it was crushed by a falling PA speaker.  This one was later put in another song which we still do live called "Let's Go to the Hop Again."

ROUND 3 - Johnny gets in trouble for being too loud again in this segment from an old practice session with the 4 Star Combo. Guest appearances by Matt Goldman, Boathead, Mike Rosenberg, and the Guy Next Door.

HOKEY POKEY (?) - Steve leads in a spirited rendition of an old favorite, recorded somewhere*, sometime.

BREAKAWAY (Shook) - featuring the lovely and talanted Eric Rosenfeld on lead guitar.

96 TEARS (?) - Live at the Cafe Ritz*, Waterville Valley, Vermont
This place was real shiny with disco lights and had about 8 people who snored through all  three sets and finally decided to dance on the last song of the night. This was our first try at an extended version - depseration breeds improvisation again!

C'MON LET'S GO (R. Valens) and
DO YOU LOVE ME (Berry Gordy Jr.) - it's hard NOT to think of reggae versions of all our faves - we thought it might be better to dump them all together. (Comin soon: "Inna Gadda da Vida Reggae"!) ("Do You Love Me" also features Matt Cornish on trumpet and Tom Tracy on background vocals.)

CUBAN REUBEN (Shook - Travis - Valium) - Good song, great sandwich.

NEVER ON SUNDAY (Berry Gordy Jr.) - The second greatest song ever written is trampled to death by the band, aided and abetted by guest ringer Johnny Long on sax, live at Pelham's in Newport, R.I.

TELL ME (Travis) - Dirge of the month - Eric R. again on lead guitar. Junior on lead mouth.

HOT BONE NELL - The Susan Anton People (in this case Chandler, Vince, and Eric on bass) kick off this month's C & W segment.

HEY GOOD LOOKIN' (H. Williams) - The Country Casuals, live at the Pizza Train ("People get ready, there's a pizza comin'")

MY BLUE HEART (Travis) - The C & W section grinds to a halt with this Chandler solo effort, the world's cleanest dirty song

HEY STEVE SHOOK (Travis - Hart) - The great man's life discussed in depth by those who knew him best, live at the Blackburn Tavern in Gloucester, MA.

THEME FROM A SUMMER PLACE (Berry Gordy Jr.) - Live Susan Anton People (Chandler, Steve, Vince and Eric). Eric had previously released a studio version under the name of The Beatles Costello on Pious records. Great picture sleeve. Pretty.

* places that fired us for being too loud.

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