Incredible Casuals.. Discography
Sammy Davis Jr (Inedible Casserole #4)
Released: October, 1983
Available format: cassette

Most of these tapes (unless otherwise specified) were recorded at the Mt Cod Studios (sometimes known as Rob's basement, dining room, and living room - thanks, Boit) on a 4 track TEAC back in 1979 & 80. Vince was the engineer. Here's the rundown:


RABID (The Susan Anton People) - Eric Rosenfeld on guitar.

NO BOB IS AN ISLAND (Shook - Travis) - Originally entitled "The Neighbors are Restless Tonight."

VINCE VALIUM SPEAKS ZIPPY BOP (Helium) - Interplanetary jokes from wild Martian comic.

MY BABY LEFT ME (A. Crudup) - The immortal Al Bombo (voca, one-string guitar, writhing) filling in for an injured Steve Shook at the Chicken Box Disaster of 1982.

TOO MUCH OF SOMETHING GOOD (Shook) - Steve's first attempt at writing expressly for the vocal stylings of Johnny Baptist Spampinato, recorded live at the Beachcomber in '83.

BOB VS. THE BOOGIE MEN, CHAPTER 7 (Travis) - Travis & Shook with Keith Spring on piano, live at the Roxy in Los Angeles (1974). With the Mills Bros. in mind. (Boo.)

SWEDISH RHAPSODY (?) - Susan Anton People again. Eric on guitar. Please someone give Eric a big bag of money (this track not withstanding).

CAN'T SPOT MY CLOTHES (??) - The Valium Bros., Vince and Chandler, in another plea for understanding

WAKE UP (Travis) - Chandler in his (extremely brief) Kellogg's period.

TOTAL COLLAPSE (Travis - Carlin) - A Chandler song from a George idea. You have to see the Reverend Carline to the steps to really appreciate this one. E.Ric Rosenfeld on guitar.

KEEPIN' MY EYES ON YOU (Shook) - Not written for Junior, but there he is anyway.

PICNIC APE (Travis - Valium) - Live at the Channel in 1981 with Men and Volts (David Greenberger, guitar/Phil Kaplan, guitar/Roger Stevenson, penny whistle/John Proudman, drum). A true super-session.

BROTHERS (?????) - The Kirk Boys w. choir conducted by V.V.

YOU'RE THE REASON I LIVE (Hart) - The Rob Hart Band (Rob with Chandler & Vince). A big favorite at our house.

ORLEANS PIZZA THROW - A little slice of life in the van - from hoodlums Chandler, Junior and Al. (Boo again.)

I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND (Lennon - whosit) - The Fab Four get theirs. A Chandler insult.

IN MY HAND (Shook) - Travis & Shook again, at the Mill Run Theatre in Chicago. Hi girls.

LOVE IS TOO MUCH (Travis) - Another Chandler mess (Vince on drums).

1953 (Hart) - Early Rob Hart Band (Rob, guitar/Keith, piano & sax/Chandler, drums). They don't make 'em like this anymore.

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