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Hell's Casuals - Casserole of Death (Inedible Casserole #6)
Released: Feb May?, 1984
Available format: cassette

Most of these tapes (unless otherwise specified) were recorded at the Mt Cod Studios (sometimes known as Rob's basement, dining room, and living room - thanks, Boit) on a 4 track TEAC back in 1979 & 80. Vince was the engineer. Here's the rundown:

DO THE DON'T (Travis) - Primitive dance song (melody partially stolen from "Meet Me on the Battlefield" by the Wild Tchopitoulas, a New Orleans favorite) recorded by Chandler & Steve with Tom Staley on drums at Roosterbark Studios in Florida around 1978. The very first Mr. Noisyclothes production.

CLOSE ENOUGH (Spampinato) - live at the Wellfleet Beachcomber in '83. "It's a nice song."

DISCRETION (Travis) - live band track from Spinnackers in Harwich, MA on December 31, 1983 - vocals added later

BIG HILL, NO BRAKES, GOODBYE (Bombo) - His wonderfulness, Al Bombo, stuck in a traffic jam again. A large talent. Be sure to watch for Al's new band, Gladius Mangore and Reamage.

OOPS, PART 2 (Travis) - The Role of the Clumsy Mistake in the History of Western Civilization, as performed by a cast of thousands pretty many, including Greg Abate - sax/Matt Cornish - trumpet/Eric Rose - guitar/Junior - tuba & trombone/Chandler - guitar & bass/Vince - drums.

LOOKIN' FOR ONE (Shook) - Recorded back during our brief tenure as The Travis Shook Band (pre Junior, '77-'78)

LORETTA (Hart) - WARNING: EARLY ROB HART BAND (Rob - guitar, vocal/Chandler - bass, drums, harmonica.)

ORCHESTRA WIVES (Travis) - Chandler solo - We'll send this one out to Mrs. Shook.

SCREAMING IN THE COLD - Hear Les Casuals freeze to death in Vermont!

MORE SNOW (Travis) - Definitely not a request.

SORRY I'M LATE - Vince & Chandler in Part 3 of The Giraffe Suite (An open apology to our subscribers.)

MUSCLE BEACH CASUALS (Travis - Shook - Spampinato) - A wistful return to simpler days.

FAIR LOVE AND MOONLIGHT (Travis) - Our bid to become the next Menudo, canceled as usual by cynical lyrics (see "discretion")

SO MUCH IN LOVE (?) - THE BEST SINGERS IN CHARLESTON, MASS - We were playing in North Conway, N.H. a few years back when a bunch of drunks came up on stage and identified themselves as the Best Singers in Charleston, Mass. We didn't argue.

WOULD YOU BELIEVE ME (Travis) - with Greg Abate on sax.

WILD HORSES (?) - The Best Singers in Charleston, Mass. prove themselves once again.

TOO DRUNK TO DRIVE (Travis) - I don't know how it is in your town, but folks sure drink a lot on Cape Cod in the winter. Rockin' Eric Rose on guitar (I think).

CONVERSATION WITH FRED - Another of our favorite drunks, live at The Pizza Train in Plymouth, N.H.

KARATE (M. Brown - T. Moss) - Live again with Junior singing an old song by the Emperors

IKO IKO (Sugarboy Crawford) - Another nod towards New Orleans at Mardi Gras time (HI Sis.) Recorded at The Bottom Line, N.Y.C. January, '84)

MUSCLE BEACH CASUALS (Reprise) - Most of the Casuals & most of the Extremes, mostly together. Another milestone.

SURROUNDED BY LOVE (Shook) - This song probably deserves better surroundings; don't we all?

Thanks for listening
Love & XXXX,
The Casuals

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