Incredible Casuals.. Discography
Parsley, Sage, Sulfer and Leroy (Inedible Casserole #7)
Released: 1996
Available format: cassette

Chandler Travis, bass & vocals; Johnny Spampinato, guitar & vocals; Aaron Spade, guitar & vocals; David Birmingham, drums (Side One, #6; Two, #2, 3, & 6)
with Rikki Bates, drums (Side One, #1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10; Side Two, #5, 10, & 11)
and F. Clarke Martty (Side One, #2 & 7; Side Two, #1, 7, & 9)

Produced by the Casuals and engineered by Chris Blood, except Side One, #1, 3, & 10, co-produced and engineered by Rikki and Chandler, Side Two, #5, produced and engineered by Rikki, and Side Two, #4, 6, & 8, produced and engineered by Chandler.

1. YOU AND ME PUSHIN' UP DAISIES (Travis-Greenberger) -from the still un-released (for the most part) "Don't Leave with the Chimp" sessions, this one was originally recorded by Men & Volts with a completely different, much more somber tune by Sean Slade.

2. DUMB ENOUGH (Spade) -an Aaron rocker, recorded live at da 'Coma in August of '93.

3. ANYONE ELSE (Baker Knight) -also from the "Chimp" sesions, this Ramones-ified Ricky Nelson song has been a staple of the live shows for years.

4. YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE (I don't know -some friend of Debbie Boone's?) -with CARLOS, guest vocalist. recorded live at the dreaded Fiddlebee's, this would certainly be one of the highlights of the projected "Drunks Can Sing" cd, featuring great spotaneous drunk invasions of (hopefully) various bands -submit your today!

5. MUST BE LOVE (Shook) -with Steve Shook, guitar and background vocal. An ancient live recording of the original trio, circa 1982. The original, non-ska version of this one is on Travis & Shook's "Weekend on Mt. Cod" cassette.

6. BLU-ISH (excerpt) (Mason) -my lips are sealed.

7. TEMPER TEMPER (Spade) -with Klem Klimek, sax, and Steve Wood gallantly standing in for Johnny on guitar. This one was only performed once, on Labor Day, '92, a day that yielded much fine tape-age, including the legendary White Prince version of the "West Side Story" medley, which we're saving up for just the perfect time and place. Be afraid, be very , very afraid.

8. IN MY DIRECTION (Spampinato) -an obscure Johnny song, recorded live, circa '89-'90.

9. NOT ANOTHER CHANCE (Spade) -by the HITCHHIKERS, Aaron's pre-Casuals band, produced by Chandler, with Tom Carns (bass and vocals) and Dana Squire (drums), from the great Hitchhiker's ep that never was, which also featured five other smokin' tracks fromback when they was just pups.

10. SYNTHESIZER TRASH (Travis) -an out-take from "That's That", newly re-mixed, that also features the afore-mentioned Tom Carns and the legendary Ed Andrews...over a decade in the making.

1. NINE O'CLOCK (Travis) -an effort to unravel the mysteries of getting up in the morning, this is an outtake from the "Ape" sessions, many of which were issued on the "It is Balloon" cd.

2. I CAN ONLY GIVE YOU EVERYTHING (T. Scott-P. Coulter) -Aaron nails the old Them favorite frmo back when Van was still the man, recorded live at (you guessed it) da 'Coma, August 4, 1996, as was...

3. DON'T LOSE IT (Spampinato) -freshly re-arranged, please ignore the frightening bass flubs on the bridge.

4. VISIT TO A DUPLEX PLANET (Travis) -a Chandler solo recording that was used as the theme song to the David Greenberger stage show of the same name.

5. LATIN LUPE LU (DUB) (Medley) -a (mostly) Rikki re-working of a live version, we were thinking of Gerations X's "Wild Youth" dub.

6. BIRTHDAY GIRL (Travis) -from "Ivan in Paris", Chandler's intended second solo cd, this version features Tim Dickey on acoustic guitar and Dave on drums.

7. SUPERCOOLED (Spade) -another "Ape" outtake

8. NUBBETTE (Travis) -aw, jeeze, I don't know, I just work here...

9. DUKE OF EARL (Williams-Dixon-Edwards) -another classic ripped to shreds

10. AT DA 'COMA (Spampinato-Travis) -I can't watch

11. ROCK 'N' ROLL, ALL MY LIFE (Casuals-Dave) -with DAVE, guest vocalist, a timely return back to the "Drunks Can Sing" project. At last, someone to sum it all up concisely. God bless us everyone.

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