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Album Title: It Is Balloon
Label: Akers Recording Company
Catalog#: ARC 4176
Released: 1995
Available format: CD

Aaron Spade: guitars, vocals
Johnny Spampinato: guitars, horns, vocals
Chandler Travis: bass, guitars, vocals
F. Clarke Martty: drums
Steve Shook: guitar (13)
Rikki Bates: drums (4, 13, 14)

Track Listing:
01. Same Thing (Spampinato) 3:41
02. Burn Me Up (Spade) 2:45
03. Here's My Heart (Travis) 4:09
04. This World (Travis) 4:31
05. Fantastic Thoughts (Stringfellow/Spade) 2:27
06. Be Here Now (Spampinato) 2:18
07. Life Wears Off (Travis) 3:35
08. Little Dictator (Spade) 2:39
09. Close Enough (Spampinato) 2:46
10. Take Me With You (Travis/Greenberger) 3:46
11. Henpecked (Spade) 2:48
12. Whatever (Travis) 3:48
13. This Time (Spampinato) 2:22
14. Say Goodbye (Travis) 4:05

Production Credits:
Produced by The Incredible Casuals with Chris Blood except:
4 produced by Bill Scheniman
Additional production and engineering by Rikki Bates (13 & 14) and Chandler Travis

Mastered by Dr. Toby Mountain at Northeast Digital

Recorded at the spacious Trout Towers Casino except:
4 - recorded at the Warehouse and Mission Control
13 & 14 - drums recorded at Bay Farm and mixed at Vinny's

Package design by David Greenberger
Shadow photo by Abe Perlstein
Band photos by Chris Green and Chris Blood

CD Artwork

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Booklet: Front
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Booklet: Back

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